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National Honor Society Induction Ceremony has been moved to
Thursday, May 1, 2014 1:45 Old Gym

Nutrition Program Review

Jaci Yetmar, DE Consultant with the Nutrition and Health Bureau, recently completed our program review. While we are awaiting the final report, we did meet with Jaci at the conclusion of her visit. A couple of points of emphasis from her report:


All meals must have at least three components (meat, grain, dairy, fruit, vegetable). Students will often have the choice of fruit or vegetable but must have one or the other. Elementary students must have at least ½ cup of fruits and/or vegetables and middle/high school students must have 1 cup. We will hang posters with these guidelines in the cafeterias.


Students will be charged for seconds. With the exception of fruits and vegetables, students will pay extra if they return for seconds. We are also required to use clean containers to avoid contamination (similar to eating at a buffet-style restaurant). Students may purchase an entire meal for $2.75 or individual items al a carte. An extra entree will cost $1.50; side dish $0.75; milk $0.40. An additional breakfast will cost $1.00. Students who qualify for free/reduced meals will be charged for seconds. Please have a discussion with your student(s) if you do not wish them to return for seconds.


These guidelines are effective immediately.



"Mr. CCE"

Womanless Beauty Pageant

Friday, May 2, 2014

7:00 PM

Everly High School Old Gym

Jess Manning will be your Emcee for the evening

Come join the fun and laughter as we crown the
2014 "Mr. CCE"
Contestants will be judged on formal wear and  talent
along with an interview segment. 

Free Will donation at the door.
Sponsored by the CCE Music Boosters and Volleyball Team


The "Maverick Merchandise" School Store  

The Junior Class is sponsoring a school store with all of your favorite spiritwear items.  The following link will get you to the store where you can customize your items online and have them shipped directly to your house!  We are no longer taking orders at the school, please use the following link:








Parents Right-To-Know

Sec. 1111 (h) (6)

Parents may receive information on the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher from the school district.  Parents will receive timely notice that their child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not highly qualified.  Parents will be informed if their child is placed in a Limited English Proficient program.  Parents will receive information on student’s performance level on each state assessment.   


The board recognizes the importance of maintaining student record and preserving their confidentiality.  Student records containing personally identifiable information are kept confidential at collection, storage, disclosures and destruction stages.  The board secretary is the custodian of student records.  Student records may be maintained in the central administration office of administrative office of the student’s attendance center. 

Parents and eligible students will have access to the student’s record during the regular business hours of the school district.